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I have ten years of experience doing workshops abroad. I have been conducting regular workshops and I also worked for Erfahrungsfeld der Sinne in Nuremberg (an interactive parcour for children) for many years, helping children make small sculptures. From May 9th 2024 to 8th Aug 2024, I am finally back in Germany. I can help you create a unique sculpture that will make you proud. I support with advice and assistance, explain techniques and the overall approach. Everything will go well and every sculpture will be a nice work of art and bring good results. Children are very welcome at my workshops too!

Current Events

Kastl 2024

13th to 16th May 2024

15th to 20th July 2024

Hans Yberle and Benjamin Musendami are hosting workshops in Kastl (Lauterachtal). Suitable for beginners and advanced learners.

Kunsthof Klapfenberg 2024

30st May to 2nd June 2024.

Hannah Rothernbücher and Benjamin Musendami are your hosts for stonecarving with Zimbabwean serpentine stone for beginners and advanced learners.

VHS Schwarzachtal

Adults: 14th to 16th June

22nd to 24th July

26th to 28th July

Kids:17th June,

25th July

Little Zim (Birkenried)

17th to 20th May

Benjamin will be hosting workshops for children and adults at Africa Festival in Little Zim, Birkenried near Günzburg.

Hohenstadt, Atelier Farnsworth 2024

exhibition: 23rd June to

workshops: 21st to 23rd May 2024,

24th June to 7th July 2024

We are happy to welcome you to our second exhibition of stone sculptures, featuring a variety of Shona artists. Workshops account for beginners and advanced learners.

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