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I was born on the 24th of November 1980 in Murewa and I grew up at a farm called N'rowe in Mvurwi where my father was working. I was born in a family of five siblings being the first born with two brothers and sisters. I started my education in Chiweshe at Rwere primary school from 1988 to 1994. I then moved to Holy Rosary secondary school in Mvurwi for secondary education from 1995 to 1998 for O-level education. Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to go further with studying. In 1999 I was temporarily employed at my father's farm. I worked shortly as a clerk and had an accident with a tractor where I nearly lost my life.

After recovering I was invited by my late brother Ezekiel Musendami who was already established in the art of stone carving. I worked as his assistant for two years at Artist for Artist in Mutorashanga. I then assisted Tutani Mugvazi, the founder of Artist for Artist, for one year. I then moved to Gavazi Art centre where I also worked with Gerald Mugvazi. By that time I was a mature artist and I could make a living selling my own sculptures. In 2003 I decided to be independent.
I migrated to Mvurwi town with my family in 2004 after the farms were resettled, Mvurwi being a town 100km away from Harare, capital of Zimbabwe. In Mvurwi I joined Gwasha Sculpture Gardens upto 2009 when I formed the Marovadombo group of young artists. The group was successful so I proceded to form what today is Mvurwi art centre. The art centre accomodates over 25 artists and it is still growing. This has been my work place since, where I produce my art with my four assistants. The work space is outside under the shades of the natural trees.
In 2013 I received my first invitation to Germany. There I could promote my art and teach how to make sculptures. Since then I have been in Germany for three months every year. My sculptures are exhibited around the world, mostly in Germany, Canada, Holland, America, Korea and some other countries. Now I am looking forward to perform more in Germany with the experience I collected while I have been there. My art serves to create a relationship between all the different nationalities in the world.

"never say I am the best, always try to be among the best."

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