If you’re looking for a new hobby or for something to do during the cold time of the year, spending a day or two at the Winter-Workshop in Altdorf near Nuremberg might be perfect for you. Maybe you are a creative person or have interest in working with tools. I offer a stone carving workshop in which I use my knowledge to teach you how to make a beautiful sculpture under professional supervision. I will support you in each and every stage and assist you. The program is suitable for beginners and advanced learners.

My good friend Tatjana Boenke is providing me and my customers with a nicely furnished working space and everything needed to make good creations. First you need to choose a suitable raw stone for your sculpture. You can either already have an idea in mind or talk to the stone. Talking to the stone means looking at the shape and the qualities of the natural stone and letting it inspire you. As soon as you have an idea, you can start immediately by sculpting the rough form of your sculpture. Then you work on the stone with different tools until you are completely satisfied. Stone carving will make you forget the world around you, it brings relaxation. Eventually the sculpture needs to be waxed and polished. The waxed parts protect the stone from water and cracks and create a nice contrast with the parts which are not waxed. The only thing left is to find a nice place in your home or garden to place the sculpture.

One work day is enough for finishing a sculpture but I recommend two to three days for more elaborate sculptures. We offer half-day workshops as well.

Since the Winter-Workshop is taking place for the first time, we can offer a very good price.



  • Feb 17th - April 13th 2020

  • Monday to Sunday

  • 9:30 - 17:00

  • appointments have to be arranged.

  • working days are arranged individually and do not have to be connected.


  • crafting a stone sculpture under professional supervision

  • tools, protection glasses and protection gloves are available

  • the stone can be bought at the working location

  • please bring your own food and beverages


  • maximum number of participants: 3 per day.

  • minimum age: 6 years


  • clothes may get dirty

  • sturdy and comfortable shoes


  • Am Graben 12, 90518 Altdorf near Nuremberg


  • day 1-3: €60 per day; from day 4: €45 per day

  • half day €30

  • €3,50 per kg raw stone

  • discount for students


In order to book an appointment, please contact my dear friend and host of the workshop Tatjana Boenke. Please keep the agreed appointment.

Tel: 0151 61025131